Crawlspace furnace

Furnace laying directly on the dirt floor of crawlspace.


Well, that’s not a good plan.

It looks like single wall vent pipe there too.

Good eye! It was and passes through the pantry.

saves space and is easy to install…looks pretty good

Should be pretty easy to change the filters on that bugger. I have seen a few like that in our city as well.

That type of installation is pretty common around here, although they are usually sitting on bricks or blocks depending on the space available. At least this one is on a gravel bed, which should work out ok as long as there is no water under the house. Of course, we can’t see if there is a vapor barrier in place as it should be.


No vapor barrier installed

Do you have a readily accessible area directly in front of the burners? Looked like the cast iron pipe stops that.

No, wrote that also.