Crazy reinspection error

One of my clients had class A removed after a reinspection performed by an adjuster for *******. They removed class-a, because of the skylights over the porch, (The porch is open air and does not breach the envelope). I thought this was retarded and just wanted to share. The reinspection did not mention the skylight location, just that they were not impact rated.



I agree.

The majority of re-inspections I encounter are incorrectly done in my opinion.

LMAO…the screen doors to the lanai are do not impact rated covers neither! What a freakin joke…

They are a joke. Those people paid me to come back and I almost Sh** my pants when I saw the reinspection!

The best is when the reinspection shows the architect holding a stud finder next to the wall, with a caption, " Unreinforced masonry", and its not a Zircon!

That is the least of their worries. They are going to get cancelled until they replace the roof. :shock:

They have replaced the roof since, and the roofer missed like 100 nails

Have a question also. If the skylights are installed over the lanai and the lanai has heavy duty electric rolldown shutters does that now make the skylights part of the envelope? I did this a while back and may not have been correct. But I had plenty of pictures so I am sure the insurance co figured it out.

That is a good question. If that was the case where the protection would enclose the skylights to the unprotected side, then the skylights should be rated also.

Thats not the case in this example. this example is showing the reinspector removing the class a discount for no reason.

Then there is uncovered openings, unless the skylights are impact rated.

Found no indication anywhere or paperwork they were impact rated so marked accordingly with pictures. In my experience if I can’t find anywhere on the window a decal or anything the homeowner never has any paperwork either.
The window makers are not doing homeowners any favors by not putting a permanant label on these windows.