Crazy weather...

With all this crazy weather of warming up and cooling off has anyone been getting a lot of complaints about ice damning this winter?

Its a common occurence given the weather conditions. Seeing lots of ice dams including my own home. No complaints thus far.

I am in a new housing development and all the people here are blaming the builders for all the ice damning. I’ve tried to explain it to a few people that it is not always the cause. It’s funny listening to them go on… some of them are even thinking about going to small claims court.

Just about everyone here was “ice damning”…

I have seen a lot of “ice damming” as well…Spring will tell about the damage.

At this time it could be ice dams… or in some cases it could be DAMM ICE!

roof leaks4s.jpg

That damn ice is an ice dam…

Actually it is a year of ice dames. Many roofs in my area have two or more feet of snow… Can you imagine how much weight that is?

The other day I got an email from a realtor. I did a house for her sister in Dec. We had no snow then. The day of the email the lady had water leaking into the basement, they said it was really coming in. in two spots.
It took me two days to get hold of the lady.
I went to the house and when she met me at the door I could tell that all the problems in the world were my fault. She was very unhappy as I told her the basement does not appear to leak.
In the basement there are no cracks in the concrete at all. There should not have been water there. I said I would look at the outside where the two leaks were. The wall in the exact spot on both areas were covered with ice running from the soffit all the way down. Some areas had close to 3 feet of snow buildup. Very self evident.
What do you do now? She is in her early sixties and her husband is in a special bed as an invalid.
Her heroic home inspector went on the roof and shovelled off about 20 tons of snow… ask my arms. She was ecstatic, that someone helped her. She went in the house and sent her sister an email about what I did. When I came down after two hours, she was a completely different person.
Two people have called me since, telling me she told them to call, to ask for an inspection.
I strained a muscle patting myself on the back.

Well I’ll be dammed!

My roof leaked the other day when it was mild out. I went and pushed the snow off and it stopped. Now I have icicles where I normally don’t have them. Plus the days are getting longer I think the sun has a chance to heat things up when it does peak out from the snow squalls, and snow storms.