Creating a HTML File with Photos

I was told by HG that their HTML report is intended only for use via the web service that HG provides. The net result is that the HTML report output that I can see on my computer is not the same thing that is seen when I send that file to my client. They cannot see any photos.

Has anyone found a way to produce a complete HTML file with photos (regardless of size) that can be viewed by anyone with the appropriate viewer or program?

Any tutorials out there on how to do this?

I have been able to create the HTML with photos now, but the missing feature that allows the client to expand the photo to a much larger size by clicking on it is not a part of the file. I imagine it takes some code and the original large photos must be included.

Has anyone come up with a way to create the HTML with the large photos short of using the HG services?

I also noticed that the HTML file that I produced is smaller than a similar PDF file and it appears slightly different than the PDF when viewed in a browser.

I wonder what it would cost to have a programmer code this to allow sending the HTML with the larger photos so it may be sent directly to the client as a file?

Hi John,
our html report needs to be uploaded and sent out through our report delivery. We can also help you upload a report or answer any questions on how HomeGauge works.