Creating an Inspector Network

I have several inspector friends and we are thinking of creating ‘one’ company. Suggestions, comments, models to study. Thanks

A network is the opposite of “one company.”

It would be best just to create a group of inspectors that refer business to each other. You can list each other services, for each of your companies can be a full service inspection company. Missouri NACHI inspectors refer each other quite often.

In the same state???
Who’s gonna be the boss?

It might work if you have say an HVAC specialist or a licensed electrician or Plumber. I sub out sections of the inspection when I get large commercial jobs, but they’re few & far between.

If you haven’t already, you may want to consider starting a local NACHI chapter.

Here’s an example of a ‘network’ of inspectors that have centralized some of their booking and marketing activities:

I don’t know how they spread the work around. Under the "Our Team’ tab it shows 11 inspectors. Don’t you like the website address? :mrgreen:

That yodle service is doing nothing for their SEO from what I can tell.

why does that website have a picture of vince santos of ?

and yes i like the url :mrgreen:

Several of the photos are common to the two websites…must be a common link somewhere along the line I suppose.

If what your looking at is starting is a multi inspector inspection company.
Depending on yours and yours friends experience maybe we can talk.
My company dominates the downriver inspection market and as the third largest real estate market in the US i may consider adding a few more inspectors.

you can email me with your thoughts.

One site is in texas and vince santos’ is in michigan. I think they both bought the same stock photos.:shock:

Yes, I would think that was the case as well…that would be the common link.

Its pretty sad that as a HI you would have to buy a photo of someone else when as a HI you have to have a camera.

Vaugh why wouldn’t you just hire people if you want to be a multi inspector firm? Thats what I did…works awesome for me…did 5 inspections today…

I would but i would have to interview everyone as i do not know anyone in person that are inspectors. Thats why i was asking him.

I hire people as subs, we work out a deal ahead of time and stick to it. We do inspections for each other every week. We respect each others prices also. We know that the more we do for each other the stronger we are. We cover each other on vacations. We even share a calendars so we know at an instant when each other is free for a job. It makes our lives better and helps our clients also.

John…sounds great…I know I would not do it that way…but there are different way for getting things done…and yours works for you