Creating customers

Russell I would like to be able to create a customer with the email in appointment calendar, makes it better for downloading inspection. Is there any way to do that.

When using the new appointment manager after scheduling. You can open HG software and select HG Services “Download My online appointments” and all your customer info is ready.

Is this what you are wanting to do?

No Russell , when i make appointment and new customer if there is no email address it will not save the clients name . everything else is . Then when you download the appointment no name is present

This is Forrest posting under Russell’s account.

We require an email address to create a customer or REP in the appointment manager. If you do not have one, we recommend you use your email address and use + notation to make it unique. The emails will then go to you until you can get an email address for the customer.

We have a support FAQ on this here: How do I add a client if they do not have an email address? The appointment manager requires an email address for customers and REPs.

So that can not changed ? I take it . Not all my customers have a email address or it is not available till after the inspection .