Creating Residual Income By Offering The Healthier Environment Living Program™

On behalf of the Healthier Environment Living Program™ I would like to invite you to the Income Building Webinar! There has never been a better time to decide to make a change in your life, to improve the value of your business and to find out how to enhance the quality of life of others. The Healthier Environment Living Program™ is supported and backed by some of the largest and most respected organizations in the country. When you decide to become a Healthier Environment Living Program™ member, you’re joining the fastest growing Healthier Environment service organization in the market today. Our unique membership offers each member professional coaching, superior ongoing education, high quality services and solutions. We are recognized and supported by some of the best medical and laboratory companies in the nation such as InterNACHI™, Pro-Lab™, and now National Jewish Health™ the nations #1 Respiratory Hospital for 12 year in a row!

To cut straight to the point…we are searching for quality businesses to become an Associate Licensee in every county across America! To become an Associate Licensee means that you will be licensed to sell, promote and service the Healthier Environment Living Program™, IASQ™ (Indoor Air & Surface Quality) Education, Healthier Verifications™ and XMICROBE™ Anti-microbial Solutions to anyone within that entire county. Only ONE Associate Licensee allowed per county so let us know if you are the right company for the county!

Register now for these events now at two different times:

Tuesday August 11th, 2008 8:00-9:30pm Eastern Time

Tuesday August 11th, 2008 8:00-9:30pm Pacific Time