Creative Lighting Fixture

So what’s the problem?

It works and intended doesn’t it?

Make sure there’s a cover for the box where the receptacle is. As for the light…would this apply?..

410.5 Luminaires (Fixtures) Near Combustible Material.

Luminaires (fixtures) shall be constructed , installed, or equipped with shades or guards so that combustible material is not subjected to tempertures in excess of 194 F.

Maybe even 410.16D applies?

Where is 410.16(D)?

look closely.

It’s an extension cord with a mogul base to 2 prong through the 1 x 4 and a inline switch to boot.

And yes I caught the missing outlet cover.

Robert, I was looking at NEC 2005 under Luminaires.

OK that explains it. I looked in both the 2008 and 2011 and that section has either moved or no longer exists.

Yeap, I just happened to have a copy of the 2005 here at the time.