Credit Cards

I’m looking to get set up for CC processing.

Do you have a simple way of taking cards? What works well for you?

I’ve been using Square with no complaints.

Hi Michael, please check this out: advertising in the InterNachi Newsletter

Hope it helps.

David Asselin

I also use Square and have never had an issue.

Square and PayPal on my website.
Here is a screenshot of the web site.

I’m using PayPal for now because there is no monthly minimum service charge. As I grow I will switch to the Costco program because of the great rates.

Intuit, works with our Quikbooks program.

I take them through ISN, easy as pie and several choices.

What is Intuit’s fee?


Based off the many Square responses I’ll just get my feet wet there.

You can get it cheaper.


I go through ISN - Automated email to the customer - They sign the Pre-Inspection and pay. No fuss no muss

With the right links in your email, you can do most of that though the NACHI system and for free too. :smiley:

You can do it with HomeGauge too.

I use Square, they have been great for me.:smiley: