Creosote Seeping through Chase?

This brown and sticky substance is seeping out of the chimney in this 1923 home. There’s a wood stove and wood fired oven hooked up to the chimney. Thoughts?

May 26 2008 023.jpg

I doubt it has a liner. I’d recommend a Level II (N.F.P.A.) chimney inspection by qualified professional before close of escrow.

I wouldn’t be suprised if it also lacked a rain cap.

That’s a major chimney fire with a 10 foot flare out of the top waiting to happen!!

Tim, judging from your location: All of the above, unlined brick chimney, wet firewood on the wet West coast, and damping down the fire at night so the chimney cools down too much. Trying to heat that old poorly insulated house with unseasoned wood or worst of all, wood off the beach, which is very corrosive as well. The old-timers stayed warm and dry with plenty of seasoned dry wood, not so abundant nowadays, no more woodlot behind the shack. That chimney may be ruined now, cuz I doubt if you could ever get it clean again. A metal liner could be installed, but may not be approved for the high heat of wood-burning. It is a major concern. :frowning:

John Kogel