Criminal mind

I just found out today after inspecting for the last two years that it was against “Real estate law” to have a client attend the inspection. This is after a discussion with a Realtor who said it wasn’t allowed and that taking 4 hours is too long for a real estate transaction.

I guess, I have been breaking the law for some time now. Hopefully, I dont get thrown into Real Estate jail and loose my inspector licence.

The Realtor told me that she would have to attend the inspection if the client wanted to be there. I told her she was more than welcome but unfortunately she had other plans. Good thing I didn’t have other plans or I wouldn’t have been able to do a good job for my client(s).

Funny though, because the Vancouver Island Real Estate board states that it is a good idea for a client to attend the inspection, Furthermore, so does CMHC.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to dodge the Real Estate police a little longer with my criminal mind.

Up against the wall…spread 'em…

You have the right to remain silent…

LOl where do they come up this stuff

In Québec, Realtors have to be present during the inspection!

Not all stay to the end but most do.


Same in Ontario. I remember doing inspection few years ago with a newbie realtor. She stayed for about an hour, and then left me with a client at the house, asking to call her at the end of the inspection. A homeowner happened to be a realtor herself. And she showed up exactly 15 minutes after the buyer’s agent left. She actually was so mad that promised to report the other agent to RECO for leaving the house during an inspection.

As Yuri and Marcel noted it is not against the law in Ontario/Quebec - but, I have had a couple of inspections where the “purchaser(s)” was refused the right of re-entry into the home. I was allowed to perform the inspection and deliver the findings to the purchasers off site.

For my own CYA (cover your ***) risk reduction, such conditions were noted in the home inspection report. Afterall it did not provide an opportunity to review the significant defects on site and in the home with my clients.

Why would anyone buy a house the seller refused to let the buyer inspect it personally and/or with a professional? I sure as H**L would not buy it.

Depends on the right to re-inspect!

If the purchaser already has reviewed the home, the owner (by contract) noted that the purchaser did not have the right to review again.

I am not there to question contract legalities.

The decision is the purchasers - and I inspected only on clarification that the purchaser was OK with that condition.

Exactly, its a major red flag as far as I am concerned.

In my humble opinion, some of the realtors do not want the purchaser at the inspection because they may become “well informed” and or ask too many good questions to the inspector. Walking in with their heart, leaving with their smarts.

My thoughts exactly!

A few Realtors (tried to) arrange the inspection through me only. I always ask for the client’s name and phone number and then contact them.

Some told me that they didn’t think they could attend the inspection…