Critter in the return air duct...

Client was duly impressed at Saturday’s inspection, when I showed him the little furry thing lurking in the return air duct in the basement, under the stairs. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you don’t have a screen or cover on that return air duct…:shock:
Its little things like this, that make them glad they got a home inspection.

Steve, was that a return air or fresh air intake?

Looks like you found Joey’s lost hamster.


I silently finger motioned to him to “come look at this”

I believed it was either a cold air return (as I didn’t find one upstairs on any wall like I typically do )
or like you mentioned, it could have been a fresh air intake.
It was on one side of a stairway that was enclosed, and the furnace on the other side, with no visibility to where that pipe entered the furnace.
The “Mr.” was just glad I didn’t say anything to the “” upon peering into the pipe, and finding the furry one at that moment.
as he stated
“she would freak out…thanks for pointing this out to me, and lets not tell her at the moment, OK…she can read it in the report, and I’ll take care of it”

My money is on she never sees the report…any takers? :wink:

Just had a call from my sister-in-law in Charlotte/Mooresville, NC about a rodent crawling out of her supply register located in the floor. Turns out the ductwork located in the semi-enclosed crawl area is all flexduct and fiberductboard plenums. Take a guess how he got into the duct/register boot.

With Teeth?


what the heck is that?

Dale, that’s disgusting! Looks like a little alien or a… well, never mind.

Homely creature !

Dale, I wouldn’t want to be its, uh, mother! OUCH

A Naked Mole Rat.