CRM Software for MN reports

Anybody else in MN find a CRM that has software that can produce a report that meets all of the MN requirements? OneRadon software that I use with my 1028’s can not get it done. I end up having to fill out the state provided pdf report in addition to the software-generated report and sending both to the client.

Just another reason why I chose to stop offering Radon testing when MN began their money grab. It’s all political BS and does nothing to actually help the consumer. When asked by potential clients, I refer them to their county health department websites, which most all typically offer FREE testing kits. And yes, I warn that it is not a legal test for their RE transaction, but many don’t care. They just want the peace of mind of the results after realtors and the media scare the hell out of them!!

Btw… over $200 for a Radon test is just ludacris. I don’t care if a second trip is necessary.

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Points well said Jeff. I agree it is a hoop-jumping money grab. But the self-test kits are not normally sufficient for real estate transactions because of the timing involved. And who administers the test in that case? The homeowner? A realtor? 3rd party, neutral, time conscious testing is needed no doubt. I am not sure what everyone else charges but I currently charge $125 if it is done with an inspection. Not really a big money maker. Thus why i want my CRM software to produce a report that satisfies MN.

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That is what I charged BEFORE all the licensing BS was enacted. I would need to charge the $200 (local only) just to be worth my time (sorta)!

I stick em for $180.