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Friday December 12 2008

Today’s Sun Times reports and $85,000 a year city plumbing inspector pleaded guilty to one count of bribery on Thursday after admitting he accepted a $500 bribe to Overlook shoddy work violating the city’s building code.

The man was sentenced to a big two years probation.

Guys like this keep me in business.


How hungry was that guy?

Well according to the report thats how much he asked for and he indicated by holding up five fingers.

Could be anything from lack of plumbing vents to no expansion tanks on new hot water tanks.

Remember this is only the one he got busted on.

Does anyone feel the Judge is dumb enough to believe it was?

Talk about a slap on the wrist.

No mention if he got paid to take the whole day off for court.:slight_smile:

or if he lost his job. :shock::roll:


Don’t you know that many inspections are done during lunch (or brunch or coffee or a late lunch an the diner down the street.

Ever wonder why most city inspectors are so fat? The honest ones are skinny.

Seriously, everyone around here knows that the Building dept. is run by the unions. Revolving door for tradesmen. Most of the codes are written by them, as well. Thus the requirements for metal supply pipe, all electrical (including computer and telephone wire, in commercial buildings) having to be in EMT or some type of metal conduit), and, now, back porches that could support and elephant.

This is Chicago, fer gosh sakes. :mrgreen: