Crooked Inspector Gets Called Out By News Reporter

This is what you get when you pay $199 for an inspection;)

79 -5 star reviews.
Pretty good .

FALSE accusation! Besides, the fee has nothing to do with the real story!

A lair and a poor inspector!

Glad he was outed.

Three felonies and a misdemeanor in the last two years?? He should be behind bars.

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Joe, if your trying to demote an inspector in your state for some reason you my find yourself in a jam.

The link speaks for itself.

Indiana is just as big of a thief.

They employ people for the license board, collect money from Inspectors to fund that board, and passes the buck to a criminal investigation branch who will not investigate anything unless there is probable cause of a criminal act. They sound just like the Inspector to me.

Again; everything here on social media will be investigated by attorneys on both sides. You may not want to become a part of any of this. This guy is toast.

Just proves, licensing solves nothing!

Oh get off it.

It sets a “Standard”.

How may idiots can’t pass the stupid tests?
You think they should be inspecting your families houses?

It sure does screw thing up though for the good inspectors out there with experience and a reputation. Once a State get licensing those who are good and have lots of experience are thought to be equal to the guy who just got his license and then you tend to see a whole hell of a lot more price shoppers that just hire the cheapest Pieces of Crap out there doing business. If you State ever tries to get licensing fight it to the end or you are screwed. I speak from experience in Florida.

Like James & Meeker alluded to … Licensing ???

We saw that crap go down in Kansas.

They paid $369 for a home inspection & SEVERAL other tests that they say they NEVER got.

WHAT are they??? Guy sounds kinda cheap … WONDER if thats REALLY why they went with him?

Did you see whose inspection report was the one on the LEFT in the Pics??

The lender said several things were missing … LIKE what exactly??

Several felonies … DUI, bar fight, bank robbery, shooting a deer out of season, being caught with Orange Sunshine & Chocolate Mescaline, … WHAT are they??

The media piece was very vague as often is the case.

These “news” articles are often placed into the media by the real estate people themselves, to help prove their point that licensing is needed.

Remember that any state licensing is a basic, bare minimum standard. This is what the REA’s want, so they can recommend a “licensed” HI to do the home inspection, get a basic report, sell the home, and move the liability, legally, onto the home inspector. The basic, licensed HI will then create a basic, state regulated report, the home sells, the insurance agent gets the insurance fee, the mortgage company, title company, REA, office broker, all get their cut of the commissions.

It is all about home sales and money, It is never about home inspections.

This was a great thread because we can read this two ways, either the owners are not telling us the whole truth, or the inspector was at fault.

This news item taught me a lot about how to handle disputes in a timely and documented fashion.
Ensure any secondary testing sent out comes back to me, not the customer, so I can ensure I have accurate records and bill the customer appropriately.
Notify the customer in writing of the results of any tests.
Solicit any feedback in written format from the customer prior to closing the file. This will provide you with a written record that the customer was satisfied with the inspection, or at least itemize any problems which you can then resolve AND DOCUMENT with both the customer and the realtor.

In the case of this news item, everything is heresay, not facts, let alone the whole truth. We don’t know how big the home was, whether the attic and basement were accessible, or even if big frigging sharks with friggin lazer beams on their frigging noses were swimming through the basement. “He was here only one hour.” Maybe so, maybe there was a reason for this. When they had to commission another inspection maybe it was because the home wasn’t in a condition to be fully inspected and the inspector wasn’t about to move their personal items to complete a more thorough inspection. Whose fault was that? There are bad apples in every profession, but I won’t criticize this inspector, I don’t trust news reporters.

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This was a great thread because we can read this two ways, either the owners are not telling us the whole truth, or the inspector was at fault.