cross border E&O

If I inspected, well lets say primarily in Quebec. But did home inspections in Ontario or even in Vermont, would my insurance company allow me?
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Interesting question .

I wonder how a home inspector would handle taxes like in Ontario we have a 13% GST on all inspections ,I expect the home Inspector should have an ONT.GST # .
I expect the home Inspector working in the USA needs to declare his USA income and pay the proper taxes on their USA income .

The next question is, when you crossed the border into Vermont, what was your stated reason for entry into the US at the border crossing and which type of work visa did you obtain?

Thank you Steven.
Not having crossed the boarder for several years I have forgotten the questions they asked.
Good point.
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Roy, hypothetically speaking one would just have to use the regular accounting methods during your taxation period. Explain to the account you inspected homes cross border show all receipts and let the tax man juggle the numbers. Wonder about one’s insurance? Is it allowed.

As I worked in Alberta 1981, 82 I added my taxes as I did yearly through H&R Block. But that was a prolonged time across border.
Thanks Roy.
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Big difference for an employee using H&R block and having a business .
You need a sales tax number and send in your monthly collection’s in Ontario.
I expect other provinces do the same.
They will not wait till next April when you do your tax return.

Another great point Roy. I am looking at this as a none business individual.
Opps. Foolish me.:roll:

Having never worked cross border to make financial means I never pondered the question but surely would though if the opportunity ever arose or I moved for a short period of time.

My NEQ and my taxation number est 2001 June xx have always been used as required and never once strayed from my civic responsibilities… as a business man.

Hmmmmmm, would someone be a pickle for cross border inspections?
I see Steven and yourself seem to be well versed as I imagined the both of you to be.
Intellectual civic citizens with diligent home inspection practices, one being retired by the way.

As someone who used to work in the US and live in Canada–it isn’t a “drive to the border and see how it goes” kind of thing. There were times when even with gobs of paperwork from the company I was with, I was still detained and questioned–one time even turned back since they didn’t believe me and said I had forged the documents–I crossed at a different point the same day where the SOB wasn’t working.

As stated earlier, you need a valid work VISA and it would be highly unlikely you could obtain this as a canadian home inspector since there are plenty of US home inspectors who could do the job.

Every time I cross the border with my Truck I get asked are you going to work in the US. To which my reply is “Just going over for gas.” When I cross back over to Canada it is a 50/50 chance I get searched.


Ask G, he does inspections in the US on occasions…:wink:

Thanks for that Marcel.
I have been asked several times for Vermont.
Rouses Point.

As for yourself, you do Ontario inspections or do I have your name displaced with someone else?
Hows it work?