Cross connection

Do your report chance of cross connection in your report?


No I do not report CHANCE of cross connection.
Though some shower heads have backflow preventers.
I report cross connection. :smiley:

No, I don’t report these situations.

I usually hang it up after I check to see if it works.

It is on the ground for demonstration and picture purposes. My girlfriend is a Realtor and she said that I am going way too far by reporting a possible cross connection, I wanted to check with other home inspectors before I took her advice, with all due respect to the better half, ofcourse.

I think She might be right this time Mark…jim

I would only report a possible cross connection with a hand held in a tub.
The risk in a shower would seem pretty close to 0.

I hope this long link works. It has a good pdf which you can download and give to your clients.

Ditto, and thanks.

I do report cross connections but in this case there would have to be numerous system failures for a cross connection to occur and the odds would be astronomical. Technically, yes; practically, no. Therefore, I would not write that up myself. Personally, I think the risk of stepping on the shower head and tripping is much greater than a cross connection risk.

Here’s the deal though…even if you decide that you don’t want to write something like that up then under no circumstances should you allow your girlfriend Realtor to think, in any way, shape, manner or form that she influenced your decision. Get back with us and we will come up with some song & dance for you to use to wiggle out of this one. :slight_smile:

Take her advise. Taking advise from a message board ain’t gonna get you laid.:wink:

Excellent PDF Ralph. Thanks.

Hey Mark would you report every kitchen sink that has a spray attachment. That is a more likely cross connection.

I have informed my clients of the potential. I dont think I will be writing a cross connection up in the future unless the faucet is below the overflow level. How about you? Do you write up kitchen sink with spray attachment? Thanks for everyones advice.

Absolutely Not.

The kitchen sink spray nozzle is a little different. Most spray attachments are weighted so that it cannot stay beneath the water. If it isn’t weighted, I would write it up, and I write up the shower attachments also.

Kitchen sink spray hoses have closed valves until they are “hand pushed open”.

So do hose bibs, and yet hose bibs also have anti siphon valves. :smiley:

Nice try for a sparky though. :wink: