Crossing the Neutrals?

Ever heard this term:

Crossing the Neutrals?](

Especially during the next few weeks!

Heard of the improperly coined, “crossed travelers.”


Would that be what you call when a neutral circuit is wired live downstream from the service equipment?

Like wiring a neutral to the hot at a light and another piece of equipment on that line is wired all bassackwards?

Hint :wink:

In our area, it was the “crooked neutral”.

The inspector would say he was going to look for the crooked Neutral () in the panel to see if it needed to be straightened out. that meant leave the in the panel for collection.

amazing…wish someone would bribe me…see what it gets them. I have decided even with my busy schedule for 2008 to take on a task of being an Electrical Inspector in a large city for awhile…i want more hands on experience in High Rise inspections and large commercial/Industrial Inspections…all while speaking and doing my videos…let someone attempt to bribe me…they will be sorry…lol

Becoming an inspector should not mean that you are looking to conquer a world that has been in existance for so long.

Ignore the bribes (if they come your way), there will be much bigger battles to deal with.

If you do inspect highrises, and you have not worked in them before, be aware that the work can be much different than you have seen in the past. High rises can be a challenge to inspect, as the engineer will have a lot to say (not always correctly) just be on your toes.

There is a lot going on in highrise buildings, you will be surprised at how much and how fast…


i have been a municipal before...just not in a situation dealing with high rises. I have been involved with them to a certain point but want to gt into it deeper to expand my credits as i am only 38 and rounding out my experience n certain areas.

As for changing the world…i already do that everytime i do a seminr or class and teach others as i am sure you do as well…it is a great feeling. However, taking a bribe is different and has no place in the profession but sad to say it does happen.

Does this mean I am no longer allowed to say some thing nice about you.
… Cookie

You have ‘something nice’?


Same goes with working in them. Not your average day’s work.

I HATED big buildings in The City (NYC). :mad:

In the 8 years I was inspecting in Florida I never even heard a hint of anyone bribing an inspector and my wife never heard of it in 6 years of building. It must be a northern thing. With the lawyer situation being what it is, fixing the violation or “engineering” around it is usually cheaper and a whole lot safer.

Everytime I see this thread title on the new post list it makes me think of ghostbusters…

Crossing the Neutrals](
Protecting consumers from corruption in the constuction and inspection industry

You left out the biggest bribery scheme in the US. The billion dollar plus bribe that will be paid to the next president.

WHAT…Oh No You Di-ent…lol

Ha ha ha, bet you won’t guess what democratic presidential candidate has received the most big-oil money for their presidential run. It’s so hushed by the mainstream media, it’s a secret, so you’ll never guess her name.


It really doesn’t matter. As long as it costs a billion dollars to launch a serious bid for president they all take huge bribes … er contributions. The peas and potatoes may come from individuals but the meat comes from big corporations.