Crumbling basement wall, 'i just purchased the house....'

short video, hear that? :50 mark, see that? lol HELLO.

EXTERIOR openings into the house allowing water to penetrate/enter and deteriorate the wall, been going on for awhile huh lol .

Whatcha wanna do, install an interior drainage system and sump pump? lololllllll It would never stop, keep ANY water from getting in.

Oh come on, that’s just the parge coat, the wall is solid. It’s been like that forever!

lolol why not just slap some more DryyyyyyyyLok paint on it, the morons claim it stops like 10’ high water through anything. Folks, get off your video games will ya please!

Well, look here, the nice gentleman at the home depot told me the drylok extreme is just what I needed! He is a retired union contractor.


What a joke, Mark. It is hard to believe that stuff sometimes.

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roger Huston …we have a problem !

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