Crunchy roof??

While walking on the roof of a home yesterday there was an area that had a crunchy sound and feel to it. I actually found several areas like this.

I then went down to the garage below to take a look:

The roof was fairly new and appeared to have a piece of sheet metal covering the hole.

The buyers dad is a roofing contractor, she will have him busy!

I’m lucky I didn’t go thru.

This is why I walk the roof when I’m done with everything else. It’s the last thing I do.

For some unknown reason, it appears to be standard practice to just cover the rotted wood instead of replacing it during a re-roof. I see that quite often.

For anyone going on roof’s.

Get in the habit of looking or inspecting underside of roof first before you actually are on exterior. Just good safe practice.

In FL, roofers are required to replace that damaged sheathing when re-roofing. That roof looks fairly new. I would refer that back to the roofer.

Standard practice with the fly by nighters.

And yes it’s code in FL to replace the rotted wood but it only happens when the home owner is watching.

Definately a call out. Some one didn’t have the lumber/time/money and thought they could get away with it.

I must admit… I do roofs first because the weather patterns out here bring storms in in the afternoon. I’m more cautious around penetrations and similar hi-risk areas, like places that might have had tree-rub damage.

I don’t know what the roof would have felt like on the house in the attached picture. No one knew about the fire…:roll: I didn’t walk on it.

I find the roof rafter and follow up to the top. I never walk the centre. The reason I do not do the attic first is the insulations fibres will be tracked all over the house. Other reason for walking the roof first is it gives me clues as to what you should be looking at in the attic. I was told by a insurance company to check the attic first. I guess I am just stupid. LOL