CSA & Social Media Special Seminars on Nov 17/15 Ottawa

This is all FREE for PHPIC Members!

Non-members may attend for $50 that can be used toward a PHPIC membership and you get the breakfast too.

PHPIC AGM & Training Seminars Tues. Nov. 17/15 Ottawa
Please join us in person at the Best Western Hotel

1876 Robertson Rd, Ottawa - Click Here to book a room
Phone: 613/828-2741
Use promo code “AGM Property Inspections Nov 16th” rate is only $118.

If you attend in person you will receive 10 CEU’s so please send an
email to info@phpic.ca and to advise
“I will attend AGM” We need to order you breakfast!
If you join us via web Anymeeting you will get 5 CEU’s
Link for webinar will be sent just prior to the meeting on PHPIC newsletter
you can get the free newsletter at this link http://www.phpic.ca/?ID=10&Language=ENG

SPECIAL speaker Marcel Gratton who provided a test inspection for CSA using the newest Draft Standards for Home Inspection!

This will be the latest information available to inspectors on what they will expect is the future of HOME INSPECTION!

AGM itinerary as follows:
8:30 FREE breakfast

9:00 - 9:30 AGM covering speech from the chair and financials

9:30-10:30 Marcel on CSA Test Inspection!!!


10:40 - Past Chair Doug Kendall and Past President Paul Wilson will present the Kendall Award of Excellence.
10:45 - 12:45 Social Media Training for Home Inspectors
including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - Grow your business with New Technology.

50/50 Draw and Door Prizes:
Infrared Temperature Gun - $99
Leather file and business case - $75
10 - $50 Petro Canada Gas Cards
1- $100 Canadian Tire Card
1 - Safety Siren Pro 3 Electronic Radon Gas Detector - $250
1 - Free year of HI-Spec Pro Inspection Software. The value of this license is $449.95 with full support and training.
1 - 50% of cash raised for the last ticket $$$$$

Visit our Vendors:
HI-Spec Pro Inspection Software
Monday Night Social in Ottawa Nov 16/15

We have set up some tables for inspectors to get together for a evening of food and fun at the The Brew table

Any time around 7pm inspectors will be showing up
360 Moodie Drive, Nepean, ON K2H 8G3
Here is a map

    Free ride to Ottawa - one spot left!
         Allan   is putting out an offer to drive you to Ottawa for FREE!

Just email him at aciss@sympatico.ca or phone 905-633-8219
He will advise of pick up points Monday November 16, from Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Oshawa, Kingston etc.
You only need to book your hotel room at the Best Western.


Thanks for the post Wish you well and am glad to see this is open to all …

I won’t be able to make this one Allan, but best of luck and hope all goes well. Looking forward to the post-event reports.

I will post a link to the webinar which is free.
Webinar will run from 9 to 1pm likely.
So keep your eye on this thread.

My Eyes are peeled

Here is the Webinar Registration link - Free for all


Allan Spisak


Best regards,

i wish I wasnt sidetracked the last couple of weeks or I would be there, seems like a great road trip. I am still thinking of it though

I couldn’t connect, did something break?

Everything went fine log in was set up at 8:45. If you registered you were sent a link. We had 30 in person and 13 online to view via the web.
I will be sending out a newsletter to advise details of the event.

Highlights from PHPIC AGM & Training Seminars Nov. 17/15 Ottawa

We had a great turnout of inspectors in person and online for a total of 45 people.
Speech from the chair and financials showed how much the PHPIC Board has accomplished over the last year. From National Advertising and promoting PHPIC Inspectors in the REM Magazine to ending the year in good healthy financial position. The full document is available on the PHPIC website members section under “Financials”.

Marcel Gratton on his CSA Test Inspection - Lots of info:
Marcel advised he modified his template to facilitate his existing report system. He inspected an Ottawa home in August 2015. A member of Industry Canada was an observer who acted as the client.

Marcel made it clear that the CSA A770 is still a Draft Document and work in progress - it has changed since the test inspection and will change again with more fine tuning.

Marcel’s inspection stated that the report is basically two parts: shall which is mandatory & should which is optional. Shall items have to be reported while “Should” items are optional such as testing every fencepost.

Marcel added the “shall” items that were not present in his template such as model, serial numbers, smoke detectors locations and dates.

He stated that he also copied and pasted the “shall” CSA requirements into the template such as Electrical, Plumbing, etc. to make sure all shall items were included.

Some discussion included CSA requirements for recording the location, type, make, model, capacity, material, and purpose, as applicable. It is expected that the future revisions will define what building systems or components will require these details.

Marcel noted the inspection includes items:

  • with defects, deficiencies, damage, missing components, decay, or that can impair the function

  • with inadequate performance, failed, or are near or past their life expectancy

  • items with health or safety concerns

  • items that are being used for other than their intended purpose

    Some items that created further discussion was the need to report on:

  • visual evidence of vermin or infestations

  • visually apparent potentially hazardous items like asbestos, mold, PCB
    Marcel was clear that most inspectors already advise clients when they see or suspect the above problems, but again he stressed these items must be visible to the inspector.

As well most inspectors already recommend further investigation by a qualified person for items such as structural concerns, knob and tube wiring, buried oil tanks, asbestos, suspected hidden inner wall mold, pyrite etc.

Some discussion around the need to reporting items that are missing, obviously if they are needed or if there is evidence the component was removed.

Marcel modified his inspection template so that every section included the following:
"Recommendations / Observations

The items listed in CSA A770 Standards Section X.X, where visible, appear to be in functional condition, relatively speaking, unless noted below."

This clause was added to avoid writing down every item that was inspected that was in good operating condition and thus helped to keep the report more concise and reduce additional report pages not needed.

Some CSA Test Inspection data that Marcel shared was the following:
7 CSA inspections were completed by various inspectors.
Experience of the inspectors ranged from 12-20 years.
Provinces included Nova Scotia, Alberta (2), Ontario (3) and Quebec.
Average time was 2.4 hours to perform the inspections and average time to prepare report was 2.1 hours.
Of 7 inspectors all reported no additional time to inspect Structure, Building envelope, Plumbing, Heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation, Interior finishes and built-in/attached furnishings.
Only 1 noted more time to inspect Electrical, Life Safety.
All 7 noted the level of detail of the inspection was reasonable.
In conclusion, 7 test inspections were performed by experienced home inspectors in various provinces on various homes with much of the same results - Mostly no significant change.

The Kendall Award of Excellence was presented by Past Chair Doug Kendall (right) to Phil Acker(middle), who stepped up to volunteer to manage the PHPIC financials and membership.

Jennifer Baker of Simplifying Social Media gave the Home Inspectors a great education on how to get their businesses on social media for more exposure using    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, Pinterest. All agreed this was a great meeting. 

Draws and Door Prizes total value approx. $1500.00

This is my editorial so please do not send Marcel a bunch of inquires. If you do have questions I suggest please wait as I believe CSA is preparing its final review soon and depending on input from the panel you may see the release early in the new year. That will be the document you need to examine.
All the best
Allan Spisak

Thanks for this Allan…,Much appreciated … Roy

Nice to see Doug looking well. Glad to see he’s on the mend.

Thanks Allan