CSA Straw Poll

I thought it might be beneficial to get a feel for where home inspectors stand on the proposed CSA Home Inspection standard.

From another post - I am delighted to announce that the CSA A770 draft standard on home inspection is now available for public review. Here is the link to access the draft and submit comments:


Note that in order to access the draft and submit comments, users will need to create a login. I would like to emphasize that comments should always be accompanied by a proposed change.

This is a major milestone for the project and I’d like to thank each one of you for your contributions. It has been a pleasure to work with this great group so far and I look forward to the next phase of the project.
From From phpic CSA standards for review - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f48/phpic-csa-standards-review-95145/#ixzz3Gpg8mgSr

The CSA standard as written is awful–it reads like someone who wanted to include EVERYTHING and then let the industry re-write it for them, then charge same industry money for the privelage of using the standard that they themselves wrote–this whole process stinks of overbearing red tape.

I can’t wrap my head around why this step is being done other than to generate revenue for one department and eventually the sitting government in terms of “licencing” fees.

I have to agree

I have been plodding my way through the proposed standard, trying to make some constructive comments but the document is just mind boggling.

Inspect electrical connections for pools and spas???

Spot check breaker labels?

Examine fireplace chimney flues for obstructions and determine stability of the chimney ?

Determine the effectiveness of catch basins?

Just nuts


Any HI law, rule, or regulation is minimal, standard, and basic. It is a starting point only. So, after these laws go into effect, if they do, every HI will be doing basic, standard, minimal inspections and reports, all allowed by law. There will be no difference in home inspectors or their reports, and all will be the same, and charge low, cheap fees.

Why would a home buyer hire a CMI or a veteran, experienced licensed home inspector for $500, when a state licensed HI can do it for $200?

This is what your special interests want, so the home buyers will not be alarmed, so POS homes will sell.

The home buyers get shafted.

Yes, we have a roof. Done. Yes, the electrical panel is in place. Checked. There are glass windows. The lights work. I saw the chimney; it is then examined. Take about an hour. Done.


We already have a NOS that was widely accepted and adopted for all Canada. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Fully agree!

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand NOS. Can you explain, or direct me to a document?

Hello Mitch - NOS is the acronym for National Occupational Standard. Here’s an example, an update is in the process of being released. It identifies the duties and tasks for home inspection.


Been busy!

Thanks Claude.

I see that this is similar to the CSA document, but maybe not quite as directive. Looks more for job searching than Standard of Practice.

Again, thanks for clarifying.