CSIA Class

If you guys have considered taking the CSIA class, I strongly recommend it. It is the best class I have taken since starting this career. Most home inspectors are almost completing a level 2 inspection and don’t even know it. I learned so much in the class.

Most chimneys are not getting inspected during the sale of transfer like the CSIA recommends but a little extra time and an extra fee, and the home inspector can get it done. The home inspector makes extra money, clients are better served. It’s a win win.

I personally think home inspectors with the CSIA certification are better equipped to do the inspection than just a chimney sweep.

where did you take the course?

It is only offered in Indiana as far as I know. There are review courses all over the country, but for home inspectors, I recommend the 1 week course in Indiana.

How much did it cost?

They taught a class at a past conference which was very good.

I think the class, hotel, and airfare was a little over 2500. Then there’s lost income. Totally worth it in my opinion.

Think of it as an investment. Good job by the way.