CSST AND Electrical Wires

In the attached pictures electrical and cable wires are very close to, even touching the CSST. Everything runs together through the wall from one attic to another. There is Pipe insulation rapped around some of the electrical wires. This is a new house.

Q. Is there a minimum requirement for the separation of CSST and Electrical wires and other items that can conduit electricity? If so, what is the minimum? What does the pipe insulation do?

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Can’t help, I got to run but here is a link 1st page on right #5 not sure about wires but I know that they are talking metal flues and such. What a f^%$# mess.
[FONT=&quot]Installation Instructions for CSST,](http://www.nhfps.org/pdfdocuments/Gastite_Installation_Instructions.pdf)[/FONT]

The NEC is silent on this issue.

It needs to be protected from possible mechanical damage.
Do the pictures above look in compliance ?

Romex touching CSST is a non-issue.

Not so sure about the apparent lack of proper supports however or compliance as mentioned.

Lack of supports is a different and legitimate issue. Contact between CSST and Romex is not an issue.

Not so long as bonded properly but that’s not the issue.


LOL ,I think we had already settled that part of it nor has anyone argued against it.
No other opinion on the layout ?

Not really. I was just reiterating the correct answer to the question in the OP.

The insulation is a mystery to me, but I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

You better see the manufactures requirements


See page 3

Look at the date of this publication and then the date of when this thread started…

“Consult local building codes as to required
separations for CSST from such continuous metallic systems
including metallic chimney liners, metallic appliance vents,
metallic ducting and piping, and insulated or jacketed
electrical wiring and cables.”

If the building codes are “SILENT” on the separation then it would be no issue for the insulated or jacketed “Nonmetallic” electrical wire and cable to be in contact.