CSST Bonding on condo building?

Inspecting a condo today, shouldn’t all these have bonding wires. In units utility room manifold wasn’t bonded. Could there be another manifold somewhere that is?

Yes,I believe they should be bonded. And that bend in the CSST looks very tight but it could be the picture angle. If I recall correctly, it shouldn’t be tighter than a golf ball radius.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about CSST, Mike has a good website.


Great link , thanks!

In Oklahoma, we are required to put in specific wording on CSST recommending electrician to bond. That does not appear to be bonded but you cant see it everywhere… Great link.

It is already bonded via the furnace. Make sure that everyone involved knows that you are talking about the ‘additional bonding’ of the CSST. Was this built pre 2007?

The first fitting or the pipe its fitted to