CTV news Jan 30th

Can’t find any details, but I’m told that CTV News is doing asegment on home inspectors tonight a 6 PM regarding the loss of revenue for inspectors
and potential problems for buyers who are forced to forgo the inspection, as in no conditions due to the way homes are being bought and sold.

All the more reason for “mandatory home inspections”. Every house should be reviewed for it’s true condition prior to sale. Remember in many cases the last time a home had any type of inspection was probably when or if a permit was completed.

Even than, it is not uncommon for home inspectors to find conditions that should have been a concern by the municipal inspector.

Although it seems like an ad for OAHI especially with a “star” like Marcel Besner, nevertheless the point is correct - the consumer cannot be adequately protected in the real estate market like the one we have now. Government needs to introduce mandatory home inspections if they want their upcoming home inspection licensing to be worthy.

Thanks Yuri …

Info on the video
said 2013 70% had an inspection
and 2017 25% get an inspection .
I am told some areas even less get an inspection .

I read on Twitter one realtor posted that he had a foreign buyer who asked him to put an offer for a house in Toronto that “will have a good potential”. The buyer never saw the house. Let alone had it inspected. :roll:

I think the agents do not want an Inspection .
Too me the seem to feel home inspectors cost them money.
Good post from Dan is here .