Cure for a leaning building....

Simply build the buildings so close to each other that when your structure does happen to fail, you can rely on your neighbor to hold your building up for a few extra years.

This is a multiple family building in East Boston that is literally relying on the house next door for reinforcement.

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Follow the gap

Side view

View from rear…Nice bulge ayyy?

Another building in the same city…

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Why are you being so “nit-picky” David. These building have been standing for years, maybe they were built that way. . .


Its nice to have the support of your neighbors :slight_smile:

That was very good Paul.

Maybe East Boston is trying to bring in tourists?

Haven’t been down in that area much, but I would think they need to stop building tunnels under all these buildings. Goes to show you that today no one likes to carry their own weight anymore, they shed it off to someone else. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

It’s not the tunnels, it’s the way the tunnels are being built. Boston officials hire the wrong companies for major projects.

Take the Big Dig incident, for instance…They used damn glue to hold up tons of concrete. DUH…

Scary isn’t it?

I guess that Gorilla Glue is not as good as they claim.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:


Buildings can be jacked to restore plumbness and levelness, but first, the reason for the leaning should be diagnosed.


Thanks for the advice but I’m familiar with this structural defect and I’ve had many of these in my area and appropriate action has been taken. Most of these are due to Powder Post Beetle activity years ago.

I’m simply sharing my pictures of Boston. It appears that East Boston is sinking as most of the leaning buildings that I inspect, are near the shores of Massachusetts. But as I stated, most of it is due to PBB investations.

Makes sense. Once the cause is known, the proper corrective measures can be taken, and since the cause is clear, the owners, if they can afford the remedial work, should be in good shape.

The keywords are “If they can afford it”. This is usually what causes the deal to fall through.