Curious about ComInspect

I signed up for ComInspect when it was first announced, maybe a year ago or so. Haven’t heard any more since then. Guess it didn’t work out?

We get about a commercial inspection project a day (very rough average) from it. I feed the work to the network member closest to each project. We should be getting about 50 projects a day according to my math, but these banks are the smartest tools in the shed.

I sent out all my records and required application documents about a month ago but still haven’t received any kinda response or confirmation. I was wanting to start using the logo vs. having to design my own.

I complied with the application process but I guess my credentials didn’t even get me an interview.

You won’t get a response or confirmation. No one gets one. The only contact you’ll get from the network is when we have a commercial job in your area. If I can’t find a network member in the area I need one, I post the project on this forum.