Inspected a home that had a sun room addition and I noticed that above and below casement windows in the walls is this plastic piece with a cap.
About the size of a dime in diameter and spaced approx. every 16 to 18 inches apart. It appears to be some kind of port, Any Ideas?


Termite treatment holes are usually spaced like that but typically not done in an interior finished wall

I suspect they have added Insulation sprayed in the walls .
Seen many done from out side some with UFI and some with celluloses .

It looks like a wall panel fastener to me. Take a look at the attachment.

But that sure doesn’t look like a removable panel.

I’m pretty much baffled.

Not a wall fastener, for sure. Roy I think you hit it with spray insulation, filling the voids between window, as I mentioned they are located just above and just below the windows and spaced approx. 16 "

One would think that once you insulated, you would remove the port and fill the hole, why leave a ugly plastic port in the walls?

Thanks to all for your Ideas guy’s