Current IR owners, question

I have been working with Consumer Reports for an article, due to come out in March.

I have been talking up Thermal Imaging with them.

Looks like they will be doing an article on this, which will prominanatly feature NACHI.

Hope this helps;

Will, do you use just the camera for an energy inspection, or do you own a blower door and do these types of inspections as official energy audits? The ones where the eco-big-wigs set the ‘standards’. :smiley:

I like your “Coolness factor” idea, Kevin. I’ll give it a shot.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing IR inspections for FREE, simply to impress clients and to gain additional knowledge before I go with full blown fee paid Infrared inspections with professional reports.

I just inserted my infrared info on my website two days ago (early in the AM), and I got a call two hours after I inserted this IR information. He stated that he called me only because he was impressed with the IR services that I offer. I’ll be doing my first fee paid inspection tomorrow.

Congrats, Will.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing this article. Keep us informed…

There are certifications for raters through RESNET:

Blower door and duct depressurization equipment is necessary to perform ratings. You do not need to bring this equipment to the class. A 5% discount is available to members of RESNET at A base blower door is approx. $2500 Duct Depressurization equipment Approx. $1800 You will also want Tectite Software and consumables such as booties and Duct Mask $130 for 6 rolls