Here’s another brain scratcher…

Why are the curtains on fire (warmer than the surroundings)? Winter - Unoccupied house and HVAC had been on for aprox 20 minutes - 9 am - window facing covered porch



South facing window .

and sun shines in warming the curtains …Cookie

Sorry about that cookie… I just added some more information which might help.

What was the curtain material made of ? Where they just shear, or a heavier material ?

2 to 4 degrees is not a huge difference It could be that the heating system would make a difference in curtains in open air… Cookie
Good post gets us all thinking

Shear material

You’re on the right track.

Think of the curtain materials and their thermal properties. This can be applied to many other materials.

I’m new to the IR stuff…but depending on the material, that could be reflection couldn’t it?


I wouldn’t consider the curtain to be on “fire.” The temp range is 60 to 44, so the curtains relect the actual inside temperature compared to the lower tempeature of the window surface and surrounding wall area.

Did you manually tune your camera?


Brian asked the right question.

The material is thin and thus heats up faster than surrounding thicker materials.

Curled flakes of paint, curled corners of wall paper, hollow core doors (as compared to solid core), etc will do this.

Hence my opinion on the vinyl siding question… a possible reason (which may not be correct) why it is cooler than the rest of the siding is because it may be a thicker material than the other panels thus not heating as fast as the others.

“On Fire” used as a figure of speach I meant to wrap that in quotes…:oops: they are practically the warmest object in the image. And yes they are more likely the actual temperature of the room or at least reaching that point faster than the other objects/surfaces… so right on!:slight_smile:

No it was set on auto

Makes sense…that one particular piece could have been from a different batch/lot during the manufacture of the siding. Or possibly a different manufacturer [but same color] than the rest of the siding.

The sun shining in will give a geometrical shape of the window opening.

I think you are on to something here.
The panel seemed to not be as “attached” (you know slip joints ect…) as the rest of the siding.

It was in the morning and the OA Temp was on the rise.
We may be seeing too much sensitivity on the part of the camera (and we are all looking for more!).

Maybe the BC AM is all we need for HI application?