Custom 3D house animation video ads for members are coming soon

Custom 3D house animation video ads for members are coming soon.

Here’s a short preview of what’s coming:

OMG… that’s insane.

Cool beans:p

Five or six years ago I asked Nick to install a “dissected home” somewhere on our website. This would be where a person could put a mouse cursor over a section of the house and a “pop-up explanation” would appear over that section.
Is that where this is headed? \:D/

PS: keep up the good work;-)

We’re going to build that Frank. Excellent idea.

This 3D home was built from scratch by an InterNACHI staffer.

“You guys” {You and all of our staff} do so much for us that it is absolutely unbelievable:p

We get so much “free stuff” that we just take it for granted that you and the rest of the crew are going to come up something “new” on a monthly if not weekly or daily basis.
I appreciate everything that you do for us:p

A big THANK YOU goes out to Ben, you, and the rest of the
InterNachi staff:nachi:

warmest regards, Frank

We’re sitting around here today thinking of all the uses for it. Marketing, online training, video ads, to explain a home inspector’s SOP, etc.

Digitally, we can fly a camera through it.


Online training and explaining a home inspectors SOP would be invaluable to all of our members.
This would certainly be a terrific marketing tool:p

A programmer friend of mine was doing this stuff in the late 1990’s

Even had a demo on PBS.


Cool, how much?

On a side note, who’s the person choosing the music for NACHI video’s, are they stuck in the 70s? Kind of a twist between disco & jazz, I like it. :smiley:

This looks awesome! Great Job!!