Custom Wine Cellar

I got a call today from a woman who is in the process of having a custom wine cellar built. She is looking for someone who can go in and verify that it is properly insulated and sealed prior to allowing the contractor to finish is out.

Though I do periodically see custom wine cellars at some of the high end houses we inspect, I don’t know enough about them to offer to go in and bless the insulation, moisture seals, etc. I told her that while I could go in a shoot it with the infrared camera, I did not know if there were standards for wine sellers, specific inspection protocols, normative data, etc. so I didn’t feel qualified to provide the service that I felt she was looking for.

She asked if I knew of someone who might have this knowledge so I told her that I would check here and see if we had anyone in the association who might.

Any thermographers here with wine cellar expertise, knowledge of standards, protocols, etc.? Shes not looking for just anyone with a camera. Some of these wine collections can be worth quite a few coins.

Could be an interesting job for someone with the right knowledge. I’d love to do it, but my reputation is too important to take on a specialty job that I don’t feel qualified to do.

Chuck…you might try Tim Pierce for advice on this project. Looks like he’s in Houston or nearby.

For all I know, he’s probably the guy who’s building it. I probably should have asked who was building.:neutral:

Look up a couple of wine cellar installers and get their contact info. Ask them if they would be interested in subbing an inspection for you and get their price.

Call her back and find out who is installing it for her, and then quote her a price that is about 10% higher than one of the other guys. Have him come out to check the first guys work, collect her check, pay him, and have a nice day.

Google wine cellar construction for some basics:

You’re the man, Mark. :wink:

Thanks for the input guys. Haven’t heard back from her yet.

I just did one last week…

HVAC contractor screwed up the install and didn’t know how to adjust the pressure temperature control either.

Hummm, don’t know if I’ll be in your neighborhood this week though…

That’s Brilliant!

But don’t forget to add the price of your thermal scan. Also our member is taking the liability for the subcontractor and the work of the liason for the inspection. I would lean more towards 20% markup.

But that is a great idea. Maybe take the installer/inspector with on the thermal inspection? It could turn out to be a partnership. I can’t see that the “Wine seller inspection” industry would be robust enough that the installers/inspectors would buy a thermal camera and become a competitor.