Customer asked, "can you send me something?"

Hello guys,

Need assistance please…

A potential customer was referred to me. He asked "how much I charge for a multi-family property inspection. I told him my price, etc. He then asked, “Can you send me something?”

QUESTION: Is there an estimate, inspection agreement I should send?
Thanks in advance for your assistance!!

Send over your PIA and a letter with your quote?

Ok gotcha, will do.

Thanks for responding Jacob!

I always e-mail my contract before the actual inspection. This does two things; first, it allows the client to read the contract (I’m sure most don’t), and second it allows me to verify the e-mail. At the inspection I get a signed copy of the contract and verify that they received the e-mail copy (I got the email correct).


Charles, at least it is not; “I will send you $5,000.00 and if you would do me the favor of sending $1,500 for the caretaker to get you the keys.” :flushed: :rofl:


There are two answers to your question, and the one that applies depends on the Property in question.
Be more specific about the property (description), and we can go from there.

Awesome! Great info Robert. Very helpful info!!
I’m still a newbie and learning so much literally everyday!

Thanks so much!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Exactly Larry!! I usually tell them " subtract the fees and send me the rest". :rofl::rofl:

Gotcha Jeffrey,

It’s a 16 unit residential building.


I would call them back and ask what they mean by something.

Assuming you are inspecting the entire structure, you are now in the ‘Commercial Property’ world.
The next variable is your Client. Are they a ‘first-time investor’, a ‘seasoned’ investor, a Professional Property Group, etc.??
If a “first-time buyer of commercial properties”, they will likely only be looking for what others mentioned above.
For ‘seasoned investors’, and especially “Professional Investors”, they will be requiring a proper “PCA Proposal” which will include a detailed ‘Scope of Work’ and ‘Out of Scope Considerations’ statements, in addition to the usual Fee and Terms and Other statements.
If you’ve never delved into a true Commercial Property Inspection, this would be a good time to locate an experienced Mentor (in your local area) to walk you through things to get you started on the right track.
Remember, Commercial Property inspections are not only about the inspection itself, but the “business” also… which often times if much more involved and time consuming than the actual inspection. This is where most “Home Inspector” doing “Commercial Inspections” fail.
Note: Don’t forget your E&O insurance for Commercial Inspections is not normally covered under your Residential inspection Policy.
Also… InterNachi has a Commercial Division that may be something to get you started into the Commercial world…
Hope that helped.


Fair enough. Didn’t think of that. Lol

Thanks Eric

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Wow! I’m eternally grateful Jeffrey!!

Your response is a “module” or “course”! I’ll send my tuition after I get paid on this. Lol

But really, I really appreciate your response more than you know!

He is a seasoned investor. I will definitely reach out to a Mentor in my area. I wasn’t aware regarding errors & omissions for commercial inspections :pray:t3: nor the "business " aspects.

I will look into commercial inspections through that link you provided.

I LOVE our organization & forum! We rock! (Actually, you guys rock; I’m a work in progress lol).

Thank you again!! :heart:

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You’re very welcome.
Good luck to you.

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Thanks Jeffrey!!