Customer data base

What program are you guys using to store your customer data information

If your reporting software wont do it try MS office Excel. I think.

I use a combination of Outlook and Excell…the reason for that is:

Outlook won’t export the way I want it to for mail merge…so I export to Excell and manipulate it a bit…

Big cardboard boxes stored in the attic.

Agreements stored in file cabinet.

I use ACT! v. 6.0 - Keeps track of everything -


I normally use a filing cabinet but I’m trying to go electronic filing.

Why? Do you plan to send them a Christmas card?

I keep paper records just in case, And a mail list that has been set up to hold customer data with a automatic reminder for 11-month warrenty inspections, allows me to send out all of other promtional letters throughot the year, it’s called marketing.

Inspect Vue automatically keeps track of your customer data base for you. Most, I can’t speak for all, inspection software will do the same. I have used ACT in the past, in another life, and it is an excellent program to track activity on your clients. I couldn’t justify the cost of ACT when getting set up to do this business so I went looking for another way of doing it and, lo and behold, the inspection software companies thought it might be a good idea to include this feature in their programs.
By the way a very satisfied Inspect Vue user.

I’m also an inspectvue user. But I was thinking about trying reportpro

If you really want a true database, try Microsoft Access. If you have Microsoft Office, you may already have it. Outlook is OK, but its limitations have already been discussed. Excel is not a database (its a spreadsheet) and once you get several hundred records, Excel will be cumbersome.