Customer data base

(Earl Cox) #1

What program are you guys using to store your customer data information

(Ted Allen) #2

If your reporting software wont do it try MS office Excel. I think.

(tneumann) #3

I use a combination of Outlook and Excell...the reason for that is:

Outlook won't export the way I want it to for mail I export to Excell and manipulate it a bit.....

(Doug Edwards) #4

Big cardboard boxes stored in the attic.

(Joe Funderburk, CMI) #5

Agreements stored in file cabinet.

(Timothy J. Gardner, VA HI Lic# 3380000992 NRS) #6

I use ACT! v. 6.0 - Keeps track of everything -


(Earl Cox) #7

I normally use a filing cabinet but I'm trying to go electronic filing.

(Joe Funderburk, CMI) #8

Why? Do you plan to send them a Christmas card?

(Jeff Merritt) #9

I keep paper records just in case, And a mail list that has been set up to hold customer data with a automatic reminder for 11-month warrenty inspections, allows me to send out all of other promtional letters throughot the year, it's called marketing.

(Larry Ewens, C.M.R.I.C.) #10

Inspect Vue automatically keeps track of your customer data base for you. Most, I can't speak for all, inspection software will do the same. I have used ACT in the past, in another life, and it is an excellent program to track activity on your clients. I couldn't justify the cost of ACT when getting set up to do this business so I went looking for another way of doing it and, lo and behold, the inspection software companies thought it might be a good idea to include this feature in their programs.
By the way a very satisfied Inspect Vue user.

(Earl Cox) #11

I'm also an inspectvue user. But I was thinking about trying reportpro

(Joe Funderburk, CMI) #12

If you really want a true database, try Microsoft Access. If you have Microsoft Office, you may already have it. Outlook is OK, but its limitations have already been discussed. Excel is not a database (its a spreadsheet) and once you get several hundred records, Excel will be cumbersome.