Customer service

Every home inspector should read this.

Great article John and I was thinking that why is there no real Hospitality or service school? I do to a restaurant and they have no idea how to provide service. People think it is take an order and fill a drink every now and then.

Service is huge in any profession. We all provide a type of service and most of us deal with the public. Every aspect is looked at and analyzed on a moment to moment basis. We are in the “service” industry.

I have eaten at numerous places where the food was good and service horrible, I never returned to that place.

I feel the whole reason is people do not feel there is a need for an ‘apprentice’ period. People feel that they are ‘intelligent’ enough. Fact is, most people have no idea how to provide a superior service because, well they only look at it from their point of view. Take a moment and listen to the clients and try and look at stuff from their point of view.

I have always believed that customer service is what is sorely lacking in a majority of professions. It is why I have always tried to treat my clients as I would want to be treated. And in case some haven’t figured it out, I am a very demanding individual when it comes to me paying for someone elses services.

Your restaurant example is a classic one.
A month ago we went to the Outback for dinner. Our server, was short with us, made little conversation and looked like he was just going through the motions. On a $100.00 meal, he got a$5.00 tip. Perhaps this will help him improve.
On the other hand, two weeks ago at Carrabas, our server was very personable, got us everything we wanted, almost before we wanted it, made sure the wifes glass of wine never got to the empty level and overall, was one of the best servers we have experienced.
The tip of $40.00 for the $100.00 bill reflected what I thought of his service. He came up to me and thanked me more than once and I told him, that he was a rare individual and if he applies the work ethic he has as a server, he will go far in life.

The only thing you will teach someone by not tipping well is: That you do not tip well.

If you get bad service you should simply tip 15% and then tell someone.
You should be tipping 18-20% for good service. Many of those people do not make more than a couple of dollars and hour and it may not be their fault your service was bad.

Uh, it is the first time I have ever left less than 20% tip in my life. Way back when I was a teenager, I dated a waitress and saw how she was treated. I have always taken care of my servers as that is how the make their money.
Hopefully, this guy will get eh message.
After all, if you are trying to make a point, the hardest place hit is the wallet.
And it was his fault. He was either stoned or a dumbass, I don’t care which.

Well if he was stoned, he did not notice anyway:cool:

I give all waiters and busboys this for a tip:

You meet the qualifications to become a licensed Home Inspector. You will be an asset to your community. You will be a professional and receive the respect and admiration of your community. You will make $76,340 your first year. Call ASHI for complete details.

I think they have ALL followed your tip.

Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen around here.

Yes we do have many great ole timers as well, but way more hacks :frowning:

I know, Mike. I ran into one the other day! Used to work at Outback.

William, you might have run into a couple that used to work at Red Lobster. Do you know who they are? I bet you do.