Customer Service

I am aware that a lot of inspectors have used the service of one of the local vendors on the this message board to purchase their IR/THERMAL imaging equipment, and some have had good service from them , but I recently purchased a T420 camera from a well known vendor from this board and after 5 weeks I have not been able to recieve nothing more than a reciept for funds. I have asked every one that will answer the phone when I can expect a due date for my camera. All I get is LIE after LIE. No one in this company knows or even gives a damn about the customer that they took $ 8,000. dollars from. I was told it would be shipped on this day or that day. I talked to the sales person today and was told the factory had stopped production on the T420. I asked for the free Level 1 that was included and was told I would get the info today. This was at 9:00 am Arizona time, well at 10:15 pm Eastern time I have not recieved an email yet, there I been LIED to again, this has happened 3 times before by the service rep. If you plan to buy a IR camera do not buy it from AC tool supply. All this company does is lie . By the way I ordered the camera 5 weeks ago and it took a week to even get a receipt for the purchase. If you are buying a camera BEWARE there customer service SUCKS . I will never buy from them again. If I treated my customers this way I would not have a buisness.

If you have had good service then you are fortunate.
For me there service totally SUCKS.

I don’t expect favorable replies. I want you to be informed.
I even tried to speak to Jason Kaylor and his exact words were
" why did they transfer you to me"
It appears no one ,even the president does not give a damn.

Would you like me to get involved? I can probably speed things up for you.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks Nick
8K for tools and 6K for school in 2 months
I don’t need drama or poor service.
I need results
Thanks for understanding

Are they an InterNACHI Approved Vendor?

I heard FLIR was behind on production on this camera. So you were told they no longer produce this camera? AC Tools still lists it on E-bay. Their shipping delay is noted there also.

Salesman said it was out of production, whatever that means. Was told to contact FLIR for level 1 training. then was told he would send me info to get started. didn’t happen. I should have bought from FLIR.
Kinda takes all the fun out of a new toy.

What a total POS this company is. I called this morning and while trying to talk to a rep I was transfered to a voice mail box. They have the WORST customer service there is. No one gives a dam about anything. I went by recommendations from members on this board for my equipment purchases and if this is how all the vendors that advertise here are, They all should be banned from here. It doesn’t take much to satisfy a customer, but when they hang up while you are asking about the status of an $8,000.00 camera , then there is a problem. If and when I do get this resolved, I will never use this POS company again. AC Tool SUCKS