Cut and Paste Software for Vista

Can someone tell me which Photo editing software (out there) will allow me to simply cut and paste an image. I don’t want to crop it, I simply want to cut it out free-hand and be able to paste it elsewhere. My old Microsoft Picture-It software is no longer available for Windows Vista.

I tried PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro and they have too many features that confuse the hell out of me. They consists of layers and I’m not familiar with that system.

Please help…

There is built in snip it tool in Vista

“Start” - “Accessories” - “Snipping Tool”


Thanks, I’m aware of that feature with Vista, but it’s not exactly what I want to do.

I’m looking for a cutting tool that I can be more exact in the cutting process. Sort of like placing the cursor around the areas to be cut (dot to dot) and then getting closer to adjust the edges at the cut area.

Microsoft Picture-It had a fantastic tool for doing this and I miss it.

How about Gimp?

The poor man’s photoshop

You could also run your Vista in XP compatibility mode.

I downloaded GIMP and it came up with 3 or 4 small screens. I was baffled, so I deleted it.

That confused me too.
It works well but the learning curve is somewhat steep.

There some web tutorials for learning it.t

Try photoscape then, Bob’s favorite. I have to admit it does the simple things quite easily.

I’ve had PhotoScape for a while now. I like it.

But it doesn’t CUT images to my specifications…

I’m really getting frustrated with downloading all the trial versions of every image editing software out there.

There must be a simple program that can cut like my old Microsoft Picture-It program.

If you have the old CD, Picture It! 9 and 10 will work in Vista if you run it in XP compatibility mode and check the box “As Administrator”.


I tried downloading the old “Microsoft Picture-It” CD in XP compatibility mode and it screwed up my display resolution. Maybe I did something wrong. But I had to Restore my computer to get everything back to normal.

Please explain “As Administrator”?

Right click on the setup file, click on properties, compatability, check the box that says XP compatability mode AND the box that says run as administrator. What version of Picture-it do you have?



If you can get this software working for me on Vista, I’ll send you a check.

Please email me

What set-up file?

When I insert my CD it dowloads automatically…

Drove 250 miles doing draws last 2 days with no AC so missed this till now.
David …e-mail anytime .
Gimp is easy for free crop.
1)Go to tools tab
2)hit select drop down on tools
3)pick free select (draw your selection or freehand crop)
4)go to edit and hit cut
5)save to your files

Or try Photo bucket as they have added some cool tools.
Speaking of working with pictures , I need to post my cool find later.

Browse to the CD (close the auto install). Look for a setup.exe file.

Yep , just came from photobucket and they have a couple different ways to cut the image.
Go to the geek tab.
Very easy to do.
(pick eraser or smart scissors)