Cut-out in foundation wall?

Townhome. This is the adjoining wall to another unit. What’s with the cut-outs?

I would just guess a bad pour.
Looks concrete spalling.

Hmmm…they look pretty symetrical to be spalling. They were also about 1.5 inches deep. And well formed.

So they are all in the middle of the joints.
Maybe something defective in the forms used during the pour.

I disclaim foundations, grading, exterior walls, etc. in townhomes and condos and refer them to the HOA to ensure they understand who’s responsible for what.

Looks like air bubbles at the bottom of the pour. If you had that much weight on you… You probably would look symetrical too. From the pics it looks like the front edge of the concrete is thin and crumbling around the holes. Just my two cents.

Those areas are not intentionally installed. It’s simply spalling due to moisture seepage.

What up with the huge vertical crack on the third pic (behind the sewer ejector)?

All indicators lead to a wet basement.

That’s my thought too.

It looks like someone forgot to rod or vibrate the concrete while pouring the walls.

I don’t see anythng I could call a “cut out” in a report and expect an engineer to understnd what I was talking about.

Looks like the forms weren’t cleaned up when stripped and moved to the next pour site.

Yep…poor workmanship (looks like air pocket too me) and one hell of a crack—:shock:–:smiley:

If those walls were poured in the winter and there was a build up of snow or ice between the formwork that wasn’t cleaned out before the pour that will happen to the concrete.