Cut Rim Joist

Cut the rim joist to install the gas pipe.

Guess they forgot the drill

What are you calling a Rim Joist?
A Rim Joist is the structural member which ties all joist together giving same lateral stability. The close up of your pictures makes it look like interior blocking not a rim joist… you have any pictures which give a better perspective of what you are trying to convey?

Gee, me too
I thought that might be blocking too! Especially since I could see the nails and the big space behind the structural stem wall.

Hey, if a CMI says it’s a rim joist, then by golly it’s a rim joist.

Hey Guys, agree I step on it. NOT a RIM joist. THANKS!!!

Oh yeah,… I forgot that CMI is an advertising gimmick…lol.
Forgive me for pointing out the obvious…


Dang, that is a lot of room for that little pipe.

It’s a lot of room because even the plumber knew that cutting out a block wasn’t going to affect the floor structure…lol…excuse me for laughing…but at the same time, most plumbers are ex-carpenters who were fired from Hatchet Construction R Us…lol.