Cut Roof Trusses

Here are some pics I took of an interesting roof structure I found while poking around the attic of a vacation rental this past weekend. Intact trusses with plywood underneath the cut trusses. It definitely does not look like accepted building practices to me. House was built in 2005

Any thoughts? Would you recommend a structural engineer evaluate the roof structure?

Those look like trusses for a valley kit…engineered that way, but usually have a bevel cut on the bottom.

Okay, that makes sense. I wasn’t aware of truss valley kits but now I am. I suppose the “V02” on the tag could indicate that.

Do you think there is any problem with the unsupported web hanging off the plywood? I don’t see any stress or sagging on the gusset plate but it still looks a little off to me.

Thanks for your reply. I learned something new today!

There shouldn’t be much of a load on that vertical member, but that is a bit unusual. The only way to say for sure is to examine the engineered installation drawings for the truss package.

Looks like any typical valley truss installation I’ve ever seen or built.