Cut trusses

I know that the top and bottom off the truss cannot be cut, but when the new roof was installed the roofer cut everyone of them when installing the Ridge vent. I didn’t see any affecting issues from these cuts. What should I advise my client? Is the location of the cut ok since it’s at the top?

I don’t see a real issue with that overcut. Sloppy and unprofessional, but not a structural defect. I see it all the time, and some are much worse when cutting into the gusset. I do flag the bad ones. Your call on whether you think the client should be notified.

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I agree… If the same rules for cutting joists are applicable then there should not be an issue.


Thanks guys.

Unless you’re a Structural Engineer and put in writing that this modification is acceptable, you should be recommending one whenever you find this condition.

Scroll down to “alterations”.

Good one thanks Kevin Much appreciated

There’s no problem with that saw cut. That cut cord is supported by the web. The saw cut pictured in Kevin’s article is in the middle of the run. Two completely different situations. I wouldn’t make an issue out of it.

I agree.

That kerf on an engineered truss don’t bother me, but the cut out for the ridge vent should be 2" both sides of the ridge appex.

And if you see something like this, P7160115.jpgand like this, P7160120.jpgyou need to start writing hard. :):wink:

What! Did they use a chainsaw?

That’s what I said when I saw that. The client did not buy it. :wink:

I don’t see any issue with this small cut. Safety factors build into the design of a truss take in to account variations in loading and commons errors in construction. Also the redundancy of multiple trusses will help distribute the load of a weak or damaged truss to the adjacent trusses.

Thanks Randy