Cut Trusses

Inspection was proceeding very well until I opened the attic pull down stairs!
Harry Homeowner decided to alter two trusses, lower chords and webs to accomodate the stairs. Tight area, was difficult to capture descriptive photos, but here are a few for your viewing enjoyment.

ebbtide 032 (Small) (2).jpg

ebbtide 032 (Small) (2).jpg

All that work and the stairs aren’t framed properly
Maybe they’ll get it right with some engineer’s documentaion

That was probably done during original construction.

It was commonly overlooked when trusses started being used more.

It was quite evident that the “work” was completed after original construction. The structural integrity of the altered trusses are compromised.

And somebody used up all their scaffold planks…

Harry needs to take a class in truss design. Good call.