Cut valley

FWIW - roofers ARE licensed n IL.

Evidently that one isn’t…or shouldn’t be.

How many layers are on that roof.

Also looks like the antenna (or whatever it is) is improperly installed.

Gutter is hanging by 1 roofing nail apparently.

Not to mention the gaping attic access hole above it…:frowning:

That was the squirrel entrance. :mrgreen:

At least two were taking up residence.

Don’t know if there was a squirel door or not.

My flying insect friends take issue with you on that…they have to keep warm during the winter as well…jeezzzz.

Hope you never have to come back as a wasp or bee. :mrgreen:

Me too! :smiley:

Now, where’s my 2-handed caulk gun? :shock: