Cutler Hammer Double taps

Cutler Hammer panel that has 5 double tapped breakers. I think Cutler hammer allows double taps in certain panels. Ones with tan handles? The handles in this panel are tan but wanted to clarify if these are OK, they don’t look like they are made for double taps. Also one double tap has two red wires under it. I usually see these associated with double pole 240 volt breakers. I tried to follow the wires but got lost in the mess. The panel is not labeled as to what each breaker is for. Any help would be appreciated.

David you’ll know when it’s approved for two of the same sized conductors, because there will be a groove for each one. I do not see that here.

Red wires can also be associated with MWBC’s. The two breakers for an MWBC should have an approved handle tie installed.

Juan, the two red wires are under the same breaker (20 amp). No handle ties noted with the red wires. Thanks for verifying the double taps for me.

Like this Square D breaker:


Square D with a double wire clamp is the only breaker I know of that double taps are allowed

Here are more:

2-dbl tap cutler.JPG

Here are some but I don’t think they are classified for 2 wires:

I have heard that certain Cutler Hammer breakers allow two wires. Is this not correct?

Try these down lower in the post:

Certain Cutler-Hammer will accept two conductors.

If the breaker is approved for double taps it will be labeled for it. If you look at the square d pic that Larry put up it says it right on the breaker. The label for cutler hammer breakers are located where the termination lug is…


David, your photo also appears to show some double taps where the neutral and ground are doubled tapped together on the us bar.
It is my understanding this is never allowed.

Hello All,

Just for clarity -

While the grounded/neutral conductors that are terminated into the panelboard and associated terminal buss are not permitted to contain more than one wire conductor per Section 408.41 of the NEC. The manufacturers do provide the allowance of multiple equipment grounding conductors (EGC) to share a termination on to the buss as long as it is identified in the legend of that panelboard information and are of like size, usually posted on the enclosure.

So placing a grounded(neutral in your case) conductor with an equipment grounding conductor under a single terminal is a violation and could actually be a serious hazard if improperly terminated.