Cutler hammer

:roll: On the service connects to the breaker isn’t the wire suppose to go under the flat plate instead of the head on the screw. Then the screw will push tight to the flat plate for a better connection.

Are you sure that there is a plate on that breaker? Some older breakers just had the solid wire go straight in under the head of the binding screw.

That looks perfectly fine to me. The plate underneath does not move.

Since it turns clockwise it is grabbing and looks OK.
Would not want to see it at bottom of the screw.

X2. No problem with the way it is.

OK, Thanks guys just wanted to make sure. Didn’t know if this plate moved or not.

Tabs on the side prevent any outward movement of the attached line wire.
I agree with Bob and do not like to see them at the bottom however the tab is there to prevent movement also.