Cyr achieves Educational Award

Mr. Marcel Cyr of, also doing business as Cyr Home and Commercial Property Inspections](,+Maine&fb=1&gl=us&hq=Cyr+Home+Inspections&hnear=Winslow,+Maine&cid=1580097714555538682), recently was awarded the prestigious iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award on December 23, 2012. His name has been added to our growing list of InterNACHI members at( ). Congratulations Marcel! And we hope to see you on our list of award winners for next year and beyond.

To apply for the iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award go to ( ) for qualifications, standards and submission criteria.

All the Best,

and the Awards Committee
Dennis Goudreau, Chairman

Way to go Marcel.

Excellent, Marcel.

Good job Marcel? Who knew an old dog could learn new tricks!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:
Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

You should probably be writing some of the CE courses instead of taking them:)

Well, Gerry B. would be disappointed if I would not show some sort of an example to further one’s Education.

He was a good friend. :):smiley:


very nice

Congratulations Marcel!

Thanks Randy and others.

This is my 3rd consecutive year and hope many more will follow.

Inachi provides many courses. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to all.

Marcel can we just have it go to you on automatic every year ? :slight_smile:

Well, there have been others that met this milestone in further education this year.
Here they are here:

Mike Mosiuk
Terry Russell
John Bowman
Kevin Wood
John Ritter
John Harrison

Christian Mettel
Troy Pappas
Buck Hartley
Mike Meeker
Marty Karl
Chris Walsh
Mike Auger
Greg Mathias
Chuck Evans
Gerald L. Coy
Robert Bland
Will Misegades
Gary Oleski
Marcel Cyr

Congratulations to all.

They all receive a certificate.

Congrats Marcel