DAB Overhead Garage Doors

Made down in Miami, these doors are the real deal!

All wind mit guys should familiarize with these products.

Located in South Florida, DAB is a family-owned business dedicated to developing and manufacturing hurricane resistant garage doors.

     Through our many patents and in test after test, we have  pioneered advances in Hurricane-Ready garage door protection that have  set DAB apart as an unrivaled industry leader.  This revolutionary  approach to garage door reinforcement has allowed DAB’s door products to  have a wide range of applications in High Velocity Hurricane Zones and  coastal areas.  
     In some cases, our engineering standards and product  developments have exceed existing test protocols and requiring new  protocol standards.  That’s why DAB is able to state with confidence  that we are“Exceeding building codes everywhere”.  From Hurricane-Ready  garage doors to high-impact resistant garage door windows, DAB builds  innovation in to every door.