Dad protests Islamic lessons at school

“Students were instructed to recite this prayer as the first Pillar of Islam, off of the board at the teacher’s instruction,” Wagner claims.
Wagner, who is not religious, said he had no idea the public school was teaching so extensively about religion until he spotted a text on his son’s phone from a teacher reminding him to complete a prayer rug assignment and study an Islam packet.

Hope the dad goes to the school board . No kind of this should be taught or done in school .

Religion is a private choice and has no place in a public school. Koran, bible whatever should stay at home.

But, if Christian beliefs are taught in public schools then Islam, Scientology or Wicca should be allowed as well, at least that would be fair/

The Hindu religion is perhaps the oldest religion on earth… I think theology should be introduced to children when they are young as a means to promote tolerance and respect for all religions.
After all it’s religious intolerance that has the world in such a mess these days?