Dad Reacts to Daughters FB

Must see video posted by dad on daughters FB page after daughter bashed her own parents on Facebook.

Thanks Billy very interesting… Roy

Very sad… I feel sorry for his daughter.

I liked this comment on the webpage response to the video…

"Respect is earned and it is picked up by kids whose parents model it for them.

Congrats, Dad. Your daughter will probably never do something that immature again. But you just lost her heart and any chance that she will ever truly respect you. You just threw away, because of your ego, any chance at a relationship with your daughter. Good job."

so true…

Im making the best of this. I showed it to my 12 year old, and said this is what I will do to “Your” stuff if you act that way.

Dad of the year inn my book!!

We need more parents like that.

I have a 15 year old daughter…
I wonder how many that agree with this guy and support his actions also have 15 year old daughters?

I like the start but he lost it along the way .
I expect he will never get her back .

I saw this when my 13 year old posted this on FB! She thought it was funny, I just commented right on back and said “you know I can do this too, I have the guns!” Haha, she didn’t look happy. She has done the dishes for a few days now without complaint though.
As for posting that on her wall, well, shame on you Dad. Public humiliation of your daughter is awful. I get the point he was trying to make, but let’s hope his daughter can forgive him now that it’s viral.

Check his FB page Tommy Jordan…southern girls are tougher than you might believe. He has turned down media interviews and his own reality show. He is a solid dude.
FWIW I raised 3 girls…

I see no point in using public humiliation as a parenting skill.

“the dog actuallyratted her out completely by accident. She hasn’t petted that dog all day today.” :twisted: :slight_smile:

That’s cause it’s not a skill at all.
Telling everybody your kid disappoints you is so wrong.
There is a difference between a person disappointing and the actions of that person which are disappointing. I sure hope for the dad that he was meaning the actions and his hormone full teenager girl disappointed him.
The dad was so mad he stuttered. It might have been better to sleep on it a bit.

My actions have disappointed my dad a couple times when growing up under his roof. He has told me in private why he was disappointed and how we could fix the issue together. He never ever humiliated me (not in public, not in private). He has however disciplined me in public, but it was in a loving way, not out of anger.

15 year old girls are young women and need to be treated with respect…
If you wait 15 years for your first attempt at parenting…
(brandishing a weapon on facebook)
you will FAIL…

My daughters know that I own guns
they see that friends of mine carry and possess firearms.
They have only seen responsible handling of weapons and have respect for firearms.

Wanton Discharge of a Handgun to a Laptop?
and his post is suggested to leave a positive impression???
on who??

You nailed it on the head :shock:

I have a 15 year old son. I am on the same page with the dad. If my son did that to his mother and I it would go very similar to what he did. But I would not have gotten a gun involved.:slight_smile:

Dealing with a whiney 15year old who thinks the world owes her a living requires strong action.

Go dad. :slight_smile:

Dad should look in the mirror, failure in this case starts with him. What an idiot.

I agree with the Dad. All my daughters (ages now 35, 23 and 18) though that he should not have shot the computer but sold it and got hims money back. They fail to see that there is a certain satisfaction in shooting it.

Parents have to understand that if your kids don’t, somertimes, hate yout guts, then you are not parenting properly. Too often, parents try to be their kid’s friend and not their parent. This is sad and leads to many reqally crappy kids.

Hope this helps;